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Firewall/Dragon slayer:Can't resist. . . by nuricombat Firewall/Dragon slayer:Can't resist. . . :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 24 3 Original: Karen the 3rd 'adopted' Daughter. by nuricombat Original: Karen the 3rd 'adopted' Daughter. :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 13 1 Firewall/Dragon slayer. by nuricombat Firewall/Dragon slayer. :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 95 13 Original:It's Cheap compared to Gunner Meal Cost. by nuricombat Original:It's Cheap compared to Gunner Meal Cost. :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 12 5 KC/KT: Commander just didn't online for . . .Weeks by nuricombat KC/KT: Commander just didn't online for . . .Weeks :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 31 13 KC/KT:Join the fleet First week. by nuricombat KC/KT:Join the fleet First week. :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 17 2 Lancaster but with Hayami Saori by nuricombat Lancaster but with Hayami Saori :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 43 3 KC/KT:Russian ship arrive. by nuricombat KC/KT:Russian ship arrive. :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 26 1 KC/KT:Protect The Queen!! by nuricombat KC/KT:Protect The Queen!! :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 38 8 (Un)Original:Maybe i was too boring LOL by nuricombat (Un)Original:Maybe i was too boring LOL :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 6 6 (Un)Original: Just wanna say that . . . by nuricombat (Un)Original: Just wanna say that . . . :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 12 18 Original:She grow stronger then before x_X by nuricombat Original:She grow stronger then before x_X :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 50 14 Original: How did she grow up so high =_= by nuricombat Original: How did she grow up so high =_= :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 56 27 In The name of. . . . by nuricombat In The name of. . . . :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 132 17 Jaune? No wait . . . by nuricombat Jaune? No wait . . . :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 25 25 RWBY:Same Seiyuu Swap -Ruby- 'Part 4' Episode 1 by nuricombat RWBY:Same Seiyuu Swap -Ruby- 'Part 4' Episode 1 :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 89 38


why yang? by moncho1 why yang? :iconmoncho1:moncho1 44 2 Yang x Jaune [commission] by Jo3mm Yang x Jaune [commission] :iconjo3mm:Jo3mm 148 10 The Dragons Fate - Robina The Hood by MadalineJones The Dragons Fate - Robina The Hood :iconmadalinejones:MadalineJones 7 0 Viasworld by Adictedtoeverything Viasworld :iconadictedtoeverything:Adictedtoeverything 36 20 She's got a hat! by Adictedtoeverything She's got a hat! :iconadictedtoeverything:Adictedtoeverything 50 43
Huh... Now what?
Okay, so I have a few comics in line. But, which one should I go through with first? I can't choose and time is racing to VBX, meaning I won't have much free time all next week. c:
1. Three frame Sam comic sketched, though I've recently uploaded something with her in it and I don't wish to push her.
2. A five or so frame Arkos comic is almost fully sketched. I just need to pay my friend for a handsome sketch before I can start it. :P
3. And last but not least, Date Night S2 E3.5. Why 3.5 instead of an Omake? Because it is canon but isn't important to the story. I haven't started it. o^o
4. OR. Through the eyes of a Shipper. That should be fun. How many people can I and will I trigger with that comic? (Edit: It won't be a land war as that has been done to death. It will be showing how blind shippers can be. Just thought I'd add this to clarify, don't want to get ya'lls hopes up then let you down.)
On a more downer subject, I have yet to find a better job and I am still si
:iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 2 28
RWBY - This Obvious Pun by CyberTheHedgehog270 RWBY - This Obvious Pun :iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 91 52 The Big One triple O (1000 Watcher Celebration) by CyberTheHedgehog270 The Big One triple O (1000 Watcher Celebration) :iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 38 49 Blake's Bizarre Adventures:  Lood is Unbreakable by LeonardoFRei Blake's Bizarre Adventures: Lood is Unbreakable :iconleonardofrei:LeonardoFRei 313 202 RWBY Date Night (S2) Part 3 by CyberTheHedgehog270 RWBY Date Night (S2) Part 3 :iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 133 206 Inky Little Demon by CyberTheHedgehog270 Inky Little Demon :iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 83 28 Chibi Weiss Schnee by rinrinlizzzie Chibi Weiss Schnee :iconrinrinlizzzie:rinrinlizzzie 85 4 Easter Shenanigans by LeonardoFRei Easter Shenanigans :iconleonardofrei:LeonardoFRei 267 132 RWBY: RNNJR confrontation by Exvnir RWBY: RNNJR confrontation :iconexvnir:Exvnir 256 30 RWBY - Attack of the Clones by CyberTheHedgehog270 RWBY - Attack of the Clones :iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 135 147
I got my Black Belt! We all did. All six of us testing got em. Five long years, done! Now time to perfect. :la:
It was the hardest test I've done, by far. My energy was sapped almost instantly and my body felt like it was butter spread over far too much bread. But thanks to the people cheering me on, your prayers and God's grace, I made it!
Thank you all for wishing me good luck and taking time to pray.
Now I'm off to go pass out for which will likely be the rest of the day... :iconzzplz:
Thank you again.
:iconcyberthehedgehog270:CyberTheHedgehog270 1 43



nuricombat's Profile Picture
Frostbites 7/ Nuricombat
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello everyone for all who reading this. I am Boxhead7 also my alternative name it's Frostbite7 (old name was nuricombat).
I am the most lazy alien hobbyist artist ever. Draw or do what ever i want!
I don't take any commission (if i'm a good mood i gonna take it sometimes).
also i didn't read fanfic because my english were super horrible and messed up.
so yeah if you enjoy my drawing art, i am very happy =w=.

**Oh yeah yeah,almost forgot! Do not comment about hate what you don't like on my art. i do not allowed so plz. i tired so much**

now i draw some hentai/porno art but i'm not post on this website. . .so cya on tumblr

You can Contact me or Chat with me @



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Firewall/Dragon slayer:Can't resist. . .
After i've done some progress . . . i might color this and the rest
might put some word in description after i done this too 
but it maybe gone H!  lol

just an extended version of some art that i finish before
Gone to far
first it just kissing her . . then . . . and finally . . . 
if i post here
i should name it "How We start Extended"
you know what i mean.

Original: Karen the 3rd 'adopted' Daughter.
Well yeah
i think already said while i make about her profiles but it didn't color yet so. .
after done comic i work
i might do for her too

i'm not a fury or somekind like this style so it's hard to draw animal correctly ;-;
*very suck to drawing someone kicking in the air*

Karen OC was belong to me.
Firewall/Dragon slayer.
just mouse painting with-in hour

Imagine what jaune say to Yang that make her flustered

maybe this ship need some more pic


Jaune Arc & Yang Xiao long Belong to  Rossterteeth
I need to delay for Comic EP4pt2
for just doing my favorite shipping orz
i just need to see my favorite couple get love. . .
Original:It's Cheap compared to Gunner Meal Cost.
Well . . .Yeah
Risa: It's not so easy to get all part ya know?, It's expensive!!
Boxhead: It's Cheap . . . compared to meal price that gunner always gain weight by that.
Gunner: *Cough!!* 


It's like  everytime you play GTA or something you want some cool car that can't be blow easy
when i was young i try to do that everytime

Try to practice my drawing Vehicle skill . ..
i forgot the technique about the car drawing . . can someone give me how ;w;ll

Risa OC Character of mine
Gunner onna/Female gunner from dungeon fighters online , hired and using in lost saga
KC/KT: Commander just didn't online for . . .Weeks
Well commander seem to get busy with exam and got wild bunny punish him for some reason(?)
when he made back to his own room
. . . .Nah, You know . . he will recover back :3

he just got shiped. . . (what it's this stupid joke i made)

Shipgirls from Kantai collection / Kan colle 
KC/KT:Join the fleet First week.
*Admiral join in this fleet first time with out anything with him except one suit and weapon. . .he had to find the way to get all the price and build his own base before getting all ship . . .every time when their new one came ,attendant will appear and help him and guide him until he build his own base . . but . . .this admiral had something that not like everyone . . .*

*Piano song appear from nowhere and disappear after gunshot*

Error Musume: Hey!?i don't know is that person but it's against the rule if you using other one came help you! 
Admiral: Eh? but i already told you before "If we're lucky. a friend of mine might showup to help"
Error Musume: Yes! i though you mean other one that played game with you but THIS!?! and what with that's shot that kill them instantly!?
Admiral: I don't know. he's just a stranger passing through.
Error Musume: Stranger?! What? and what with that's appearance with piano!?
Rashinban Musume-Hiyoko: *Well his luck was 10+ wasn't it? , and everytime his spin compass he always go the rightway either*

The Story about admiral join the fleet and before he has the base. .

Mysterious Stranger perks eh?

Lancaster but with Hayami Saori
it is . . . .Lancaster in Kan colle/Kantai collection
Hater be like: Wrongggggg!!!!!

just a parody of her japan voice :3

Ruby rose,Hagikaze,Graf Zeppelin were voiced by Hayami Saori

Actually my first plan meant to add hagikaze but my friend said
"yeah that should be good. everyone(in DA) already do samething too"
Me: Wait what really!? . . Change the plan!! do foreigner Ship instead!!

and that's why graf was appear in front of her admiral. lol

Ruby rose from RWBY
Hagikaze,Graf Zeppelin from Kantai collection/ Kan colle
KC/KT:Russian ship arrive.
:Gangut: [Joint Operation]

P2>Admiral: Bismark please. I understand *that you two were a rival before* but now she was on our side.
      Bismark: But gangut was on the Traitor side before admiral! How could i gonna trust her that easy!
      Admiral: *sigh* It's fine and sorry about this *bismark but i gotta talk with gangut only just her and i* so can you wait outside for a moment?
      Bismark: Wh-What?!
      Gangut: You had something to talk with me Comrade? Okay then. . 
P3>Gangut: I *understand about the fall of ussr and i don't mind about it* but even you and i in this room were talking why are they still peeking us behind those door?
      Admiral: Sorry about that but it's fine. They usually be like this when new ship arrive
      Gangut: да. i understand now.
Extra: Gangut: Comrade admiral. Why you looking so weak?
          Admiral: First was iowa say this and now her? *bleeding*

Gangut just join this north arctic naval base as ally.
but seem she got trouble with other ship girls in this naval base. . 
admiral got the trouble again lol

Gangut,Bismark from Kantai collection / Kancolle 


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